The Common Printing Mistakes You Should Always Look Out For

Print document are always considered an effective form of advertising when approached and handled the right way. Whether you require business cards, brochures, leaflets, flyers, or corporate stationery, their final design and appearance is more important as it will affect how each print serves its intended purpose.

One common thing that affects a print document is hiring a print service without extensive experience in printing hence leaving a lot of room for simple mistakes. This means choosing a print service that delivers error-free work is always essential. This will let you avoid common printing errors such as;

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Spelling and grammar mistakes are the most annoying errors common with poor printing services. They are costly mistakes that can affect the integrity of print documents such as business cards, brochures, and corporate stationery. In most cases, they render your business less credible in the eyes of many customers.

While there’s no excuse for a spelling and grammar error in a printed document, you stand to lose a lot if you are the contracting partner. Most of these errors happen when words are written in a Microsoft word document without proper verification of spellings.

A good printing service will be taking a considerable risk if they rely on spell checkers and Microsoft word documents to execute their services. Spellcheckers are never reliable enough with grammar and usage issues, hence they shouldn’t be relied upon. Printing services need to proofread documents before sending them for printing.

Text that’s Too Small

A good printing service will put a lot of thought into designing the print and how the work looks. However, most of them are fond of forgetting how the print text appears on specific prints. There’s always a challenge to read when the font is maintained at a tiny size.

It is always good to keep the text legible and above the recommended font as a precautionary measure. Any font size below six may not be readable. However, if the texts must be kept small, simple and contrasting colors need to be considered. The size of the text is important to print documents such as business cards and brochures as it significantly impacts their intended purpose.

Not Enough Bleed

Regardless of what you’re printing, not letting enough bleed in any print design is considered a mistake. The bleed is usually the collection of all the artwork, graphics, and color that extends past the document edges. Not using enough bleed will leave your print with some plain and unprinted edges of the paper around the final image. Large format documents usually require more bleed room; however, It’s recommended that you should allow at least 3mm of bleed for small format documents.

Final Thought

Many common mistakes can occur during the printing process. It's good to keep this in mind and find out the best ways of avoiding them. While having a good print material is also essential, choosing a reputable printing service also puts you on the right track to avoid some of these easy printing mistakes.

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