Product Innovations Helping to Preserve the Planet!

As we progress with 2020, it is becoming more and more apparent that we have a growing need for innovative, planet-saving technology. With this steady growth in need comes a responsibility to put these products to use so that we can reduce what we use, reuse what we must, and recycle everything else. The earth is counting on us to step up.

Let’s grab the bull by the horns and examine the technological marvels that are helping us save the planet, day after day!

Planet Preservation 101: Products that Help

So what products can help us preserve the planet? Let’s find out.

1 – Repair over Replacement, with Sugru

First off, let’s talk products that can help us to preserve the longevity of the other things we use in life. Sugru Mouldable Rubber is a hot favourite right now. It can preserve electronics by being used to protect screens, edges, and even glue things back together again. It’s waterproof, sets inside of 24 hours, and lasts a lifetime as a solid silicon rubber. This stuff can replace broken parts, mend everything from stone to leather, and preserves the life of all sorts of products. It’s a no-brainer.

2 – Bamboo Fibres

OK, so bamboo fibres aren’t a product innovation within themselves – but the expansive new trend that involves replacing regular fabrics with bamboo ones, is. Bamboo, and hemp, are both fully sustainable sources of fibrous material. These fibres are biodegradable, don’t require thousands of litres of water to create, and is just as warm and soft as cotton. Bamboo fibres extend beyond clothing too. Bamboo plates, cutlery, toothbrushes – all are recyclable. If we made the switch to fully sustainable fabrics, we could cut global carbon emissions, drastically reduce water consumption, and take care of well known insidious weeds, all in one blast.

3 –RechargeableTech

For ever item that you are able to recharge, you are saving the carbon cost of creating a whole new battery… that’s right, we are talking to you gaming console owners. Even if you don’t care about the carbon costs of using 2 fresh AAs every time you run out mid-game, using rechargeable batteries saves you money. If you don’t believe us, go check out frequency cast and view the maths for yourself. ON your first ten charges, you stand to spend £15.02 (cost of the charger and the four batteries to fill it, plus electricity) against the £35.50 you would stand to spend buying all new batteries. Once the initial cost of the charger has been saved, the only way is up.

4 –The Menstrual Cup

We won’t go into detail because we don’t want to gross anyone out. What we will say is that switching from pads or tampons to menstrual cups for a week out of the month, saves tonnes from landfill. It’s neater, reusable, and once used to it you don’t even notice that its there. Again, the menstrual cup will save you money over the course of a lifetime… Seemingly about $1,187.50 over 25 years.

Try Switching and See!

Switch to some of these innovative, planet-saving products, and start doing your part, today.

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