How to encourage personal development during employment

When running a business, personal development is something that you should look for in your employees. Not only does this increase their productivity at work but it also makes for a happier workplace with your employees feeling valued. There are ways that you can inspire your employees to make the most out of the opportunities available to them, and here are a few ideas.

Encourage physical activity

It is now known more than ever that regular physical activity can be extremely beneficial for our mental health, as well as physical health. In an office working long hours, employees may find it difficult to fit regular exercise into their routine. However, you can initiate programs such as walking meetings, lunch walks and even team exercise classes. The Cycle to Work Scheme is a great government initiative that both helps employees achieve their physical activity, as well as being beneficial for the environment through the reduction of pollution from cars on the road.


Talking to your employees and allowing yourself to be approachable is essential for maintaining good employer, employee relationships. You want to make sure that your employees would feel comfortable to come and talk to you about their work. You should also make sure that employees feel comfortable enough to talk to each other about what they are working on (unless it’s confidential) to bounce ideas off one another.

Employee benefits

It sounds simple, but of course, employees will look to stay longer with a company and progress if they feel they are being treated well, and employee benefits are very important in maintaining this loyalty. You can use a platform such as Zest Benefits to allow employees to easily see what they have available to them and how they can make the most out of this.

Inspire creativity

The same routine day after day can become really uninspiring in a work environment. Encouraging creativity and dynamic thinking can be effective in giving employees inspiration to do well and progress. For example, could you hold your meetings outside or on a shop floor (if your company is in retail)? There are numerous ways to switch things up, and if you talk openly to your employees, they may have some ideas themselves as to what would help them feel motivated and valued.

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