This year's Do Lectures are appearing in short form on Treehugger before being posted on the Do Lectures website. With a little help from iTunes and a bunch of very well connected communications experts, we're hoping to share the talks with a 1 million people to spread inspiration and tools for action.

Speakers this year included Geoff McFettridge on simplicity and creativity, Patrick Holden, Gerald Miles and Jane Davidson on food and sustainability, Tom Taylor on innovation, Alice Taylor talking about transforming C4's educational content, and Gregor McLennan shating experiences about campaigning for indigenous people's rights in the Amazon. Duke Stump talked about ways of creating a 'bonfire brand' that drew people to its warmth; Adam Lowry and Gabriel Branby shared insights into the connection between company values and innovation.

Alan Moore and Ben Hammersley talked about the role of information and connectivity in transforming the way we see the world. Alistair Humphreys persuaded listeners that you don't need to be superhuman to make amazing journeys and Paul Deegan connected courage and action. Uffe Ebaeks' talk on the Kaos Pilots inspired all who heard it to find different ways to learn in the same way that David Rosenberg and Andrew Reason's perseverence and attention to detail created step change in their industries.

If you have any ideas for wonderfully inspirational speakers or issues that need airing with solutions, drop me a line

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