9 Complaints that Teachers Often have with the Student’s Parents

Teachers often try to say some important things to the student’s parents but they sometimes hesitate as they cannot become so unclosed with a parent due to some reasons. Why they remain silent about discussing some matters with parents? Maybe they don’t want to get personally involved with their parents or maybe due to their job's sake. 

So, it has been seen that most of the time teachers stay silent and hushed on going deep with the student’s matters with their parents.what are the genuine disappointments and complaints teachers have from the student’s parents and what are the things teachers always want to say to the parents, Let’s see

  1.  “Fine, Don’t help your children with studies” –  Sometimes the parents are so annoying that they blame teachers for their children’s slow academic performance. Some parents totally rely on the teachers but they don’t understand their responsibility towards kids. At that point of time teachers often become helpless and they are forced to say things like “Fine don’t help your kids with studies. So, the teachers have complaint from parents that they don’t take their children matters seriously.
  2.  “Some subjects are compulsory” – The parents come to school saying the child was not well due to which he is not taking part in sports program happening in the school, some parents come up saying his or her child do not want to take part in public declamation competition happening in the school. The subjects such as public speaking, physical education, personality development are crucial for kids but the teachers become reluctant to say anything to parents when they say our child is not interested to take part in the extra-curricular activities happening in schools and they want their children concentrate on their studies because their grades are very less.” At this point in time, the parents often want to say that “some subjects are compulsory and it is not always about grades”. 
  3.  “Your kids are not your friends” – Another fact that worries teacher more is when parents say “my child is my friend”. The teachers often wonder why the parents say such things and why they discuss small and petty matters with their kids; the matters such as discussing family problems in depth. What is the point of discussing such matters with their 9-year-old ones? The parent’s duties should be to teach their children the right values and morals to kids, not to get their children glutted in the family’s issues at such a small age. So sometimes teachers want to say this thing to the student’s parents, “Your child is not your friend”. 
  4.  “Let them do things themselves” – Few parents are very strict in nature whiles some parents do spoon-feeding. Both approaches have bad effects on the children. The teachers always suggest the parents not to do spoon-feeding to their kids as it will inhibit their overall academic performance of the students. The teachers also advise parents to not to be too strict with their kids. Both things hinder the mental as well as physical growth of the students. The children should be set free in some matters so that they become able to cope up with their life matters in their later life. If a child performs anything on his own, the parents should acknowledge and motivate them. The teachers often want to say these things to the student’s parents but they hesitate or feel stuck to say so.
  5.  “Sorry, your kids are just too lazy” – Some kids are too lazy and acts like immovable objects which cannot be moved with force. Same is the matter with some students. Some students show no progress even after the continuous efforts of the teachers. Keeping the exception aside of students who are week in studies, the students who show laziness in studies is a worrisome matter for teachers. So, when the parents come to the teachers complaining about the slow academic progress of their children. The teachers want to say to the parents that their kid is too lazy, but often hesitate to say such things to the kid’s parents. 
  6. “Cristiano Renaldo is no role model”–  Some students show ridiculous behavior at the school premises like imitating a famous celebrity or an actor. They dress up like the way their celebrity idols dress up and for most of the time imitate their actions and behavior. Some students especially boys are great fans of Cristiano Renaldo, so in the classrooms, students act like the football player, which is totally unacceptable. Then the teachers often say to parents that, “Cristiano Renaldo is no role model.” 
  7. “Grades aren’t everything” – The teachers always want to say some important things to parents like they don’t need to worry about their children’s grades but instead they should see if their kids are progressing in the academics or not. The important thing is if the students are improving themselves or not. The parents need not to be too strict with their kids for grades. The teachers want to persuade the student’s parents to not to worry about the percentages of the kids if they are overall doing well in the class.
  8.  “An apple doesn’t fall from a tree” – Students behave the way they are treated by their parents. If the parents treat his or her child strictly, then the child will be affected mentally and will be prone to get bullied more by strangers or the students at school. So, the children are reflection of their parents and they behave as they are nurtured at homes by their parents. Teachers when complaining about the students to their parents want to say these things to parents but they chose to remain uninvolved in these kinds of matters. 

Stop making excuses to protect your child or hide your child’s mistakes” -  Few parents pamper their kids so much that their kids become stubborn and arrogant. The permissive parenting will only spoil the child’s future but the child will develop in themselves an ill-advised behavior. It is the duty of parents to scold the child when he or she commits any big mistake such as hitting another child in the school. If the student never completes his or her homework or assigned essay writing tasks by taking online

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