You and AMED

What’s in it for you?

  • Belonging to a committed team/community, having fun, and engaging with an interesting, creative, committed, diverse network of people.
  • Experiencing the joy of contributing to leading edge thinking about personal, management, leadership and organisational development.
  • Finding friendly support for your own personal and professional learning and development.
  • Having opportunities to put into practice your insights into emergent, networked organisations.
  • Experimenting with new ways of doing things.
  • Gaining recognition for belonging to an outstanding community of practice – being asked to write for our journal and other publications, speak at conferences and facilitate seminars and workshops.
  • Finding new business opportunities and connections through AMED connections.

What’s in it for AMED?

  • Lending your support for our commitment to co-creating knowledge, innovation and networking (KIN).
  • Nurturing partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded organisations and networks.
  • Introducing our quarterly journal e-Organisations and People to wider readerships.
  • Seeking opportunities and facilitating activities for the benefit of our community.

Voluntary roles you might play

For AMED Council, becoming:

  • A Trustee/Director if you are a full AMED Member, or
  • A Council Supporter if you are an AMED Networker.

For e-Organisations and People, contributing as:

Becoming Convenor of an AMED Special Interest, Local or Online Group

Becoming an AMED Event Organiser, Facilitator or Speaker.

Starting up and/or moderating an online Discussion Forum on the AMED website via NING.

Initiating posts on AMED’s Twitter and LinkedIn spaces.

Becoming a contributor to AMED’s ‘think tank’ conversations.

To find out more, you only have to ask.

Contact Linda at the AMED Office: Tel: 0300 365 1247;; PO BOX 7578, Dorchester, DT1 9GD


O&P back issues

O&P back issues now for sale. 

We have a rich library of O&P issues and individual articles in electronic format going back to 1994, just waiting for you. Copy of order form for back issues of e-O&P in MS Word format.


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