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Emotional Intelligence, May 2007

Emotional Intelligence was conceptualised in 1990 by Peter Salovey, Dean of Psychology at Yale University and his colleague, Professor of Psychology, Jack Mayer from the Universtiy of New Hampshire. In their seminal article Peter and Jack didn't just define emotional intelligence. They also proposed what Emotional Intelligence might contribute to in life. The application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace has received considerable attention in the last decade and much has been written - so much that editorial decision was taken to focus on some of the the best origianl material for this publication. Collectively, the articles cover the application of Emotional Intelligence in employee selection, development and career transition. Furthermore the articles also cover the three major levels within these components: that is applications at the individual, team and organisational level. Given the scope, we hope it will be of interest to a wide range from academics working in the field, to those working in recruitment, learning and development and organisational development professions.

Leaders & Values, February 2005.
This issue of Organisations & People is dedicated to the idea that values are fundamental to the successful leadership of organisations.

In this edition, Nick Wright states that one must 'Sort out your values as a matter of priority' whereas Sallie Lee & Joan Shafer ask how can such values congruence really help and enterprise?. Pauline Crawford puts yet another spin on this, noting that 'Wellness is a key element or organisational culture; not so much what we do around here as the way we behave around here'. Practicalities of values is always in question - J.M. and Kalpana Sampath show that 'whilst vision without values is risky, vlaues without vision goes nowhere'. Karen Blakely starts to define 'values', with John Bryan stating that a three tier management structure is essential. John Noble suggests the concept of Sevant Leadership can be helpful, as Meg Wheatley contributes a 'found poem' , stressing the inner nature of the quest to lead through values. In contrast, Dan Elash advocates that enterprises must build robust and inclusinve strategic processes, but a word of caution from Paul Barber. He favours emergence rather than rehearsal. Bruce Nixon contributes that leadership values aare at the root of the current set of global crises. John Burgoyne &Mike Pedlar suggest a 'challenge' approach to leadership, whereas Tim LeLean would like to use historicallly successful leaders as personal improvement models.


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