Good Reads

Change Management for Sustainable Development - a workbook
by Penny Walker ( IEMA ) ISBN: ISSN 1473-849X

Comments: This is a book by an AMED member. Aimed at professional
environmental and CSR managers and consultants, who understand their core
topic, but are new to change management.

John Brady, Chair of the Society for the Environment said: "Refreshing,
stimulating, a masterpiece of good practice with copious advice from people
actually engaged in introducing change for sustainable development. It
reintroduced me to all the mistakes I made during a long career as an
environmental professional. If only I'd read this book 30 years ago."

Submitted by: Penny Walker (
020 7254 3500

Assertiveness at Work
by Back & Back with Bates (Mc Graw Hill 0 07 707378-9) pbk
You're going to cope with many types and realising how others influence you is important. Useful for giving/receiving criticism and praise.
Submitted by Paul Holland, Watson Wyatt, 01737 241144

Client Centred Consulting
by P Cockman, W Evans and P Reynolds (McGraw-Hill 0-07-707685-0 1992)
Essential reading for anyone starting out as a consultant. Explores the dynamics between consultant and client and takes you through the consulting cycle which gets questions answered.
Submitted by Jane Sonntage, 01203 303162

Flawless Consulting
by P Block (Pfeiffer)
It's excellent on diagnosis, feedback, resistance.
Submitted by Tony Page, 020 8943 1690

Images of Organisation
by G Morgan (Sage 1986)
An excellent introduction to understanding what takes place within organisations from a wide range of perspectives.
Submitted by Nick Wright, The Shaftesbury Society on 0020 8239 5587

Leadership and the New Science
by Margaret J Wheatley (1-881052-44-3)
Clear, imaginative, provocative synthesis an ddevelopment of a range of ideas.
Submitted by Gin Dunscombe of Lewisham Housing on 002 8695 6050 x4962

Management Development: strategies for action
by A Mumford (IPD 3rd edition 1997)
There really isn't a better book for this level!
Submitted by Alan Mumford, 020 8673 1537

by Richardo Semler (Century 0-7126-5451-8)
It challenges management orthodoxies and inspires with its inclusive approach.
Submitted by Gin Dunscombe, Lewisham Housing on 020 8695 6050 x 4962

Practical Consulting
by Calvert Markham (Institute of chartered accountants 0 854918526)
A good basic text, accessible and above all practical.
Submitted by Graham Benjamin, 01908 261260

The Road Less Traveled
by M Scott-Peck (0-0909727404)
To extend their range of thinking and add more substance to their level of contribution.
Submitted by Dr Joanna Bisdee, 0181 439 3806

Running an Effective Training Session
by P Forsyth (Gower 0-566-07619-5)
It covers the basics reasonably concisely.
Submitted by Alistair Cook, self employed, 01482 869018

Challengers and Instructor's Pocketbook
by John Townsend (Melrose)
Very concise, practical advice on training and how to work with different sorts of behaviour in learning situations.
Submitted by Alistair Kirk, self employed on 01482 869018

A Consultancy Approach for Trainers
by K Phillips and P Shaw (Gower 0566 02737 2)
Solid, practical advice on issues to consider. Light touch to the writing.
Submitted by Rob Sheffield, BCA on 01793 567565

Counselling Skills
by Nelson-Jones
A practical book that makes you realise that there is a lot in questioning/listening skills and your own value judgments.
Submitted by Paul Holland, Watson Wyatt on 01737 241144

Images of Organisations
by Gareth Morgan (Sage 0-8039-2831-9)
It introduces ways of seeing and conceptualizing organisations with a cross discipline perspective.
Submitted by Graham Benjamin on 01908 261 260

The Lessons of Experience
by M McCall, M Lombardo (Lexington 1988)
It exposes the range and reality of one the job experiences very well.
Submitted by Alan Mumford on 020 8673 1539

Mary Parker Follett, Profile of Management
Pauline Graham
You get both the uniquely pioneering thinking of Mary Parker Follett and commentary n current management thinkers on her work.
Submitted by Gin Dunscombe of Lewisham Housing on 020 8695 6050 x4962

Process Consultation
by E Schein (1988)
An excellent introduction to diagnosing and understanding inter-personal processes within organisations.
Submitted by Nick Wright, The Shaftesbury Society on 020 82395587

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
by S Covey (0-671-71117-2)
Simple, easy to understand and apply, well-structured.
Submitted by Dr Joanna Bisdee, Life Directions on 020 8439 3806

Colors and Psyche, perception, expression, projection
by Stanislaw Popek (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press ISBN 83-227-1266-9)
The influence of colors on human psyche has been well known since the dawn of first civilizations. Together with well established facts, there are also many common believes and myths about it, especially in Asian cultures. The monograph „Colors and Psyche" is one of those rare attempts where the problem is analyzed from many possible perspectives.
Submitted by

Consultant's Journey
by R Harrison (McGraw-Hill 0-07-709089-6)
It refreshes the spirit, tests practice and provokes evaluation.
Submitted by Graham Benjamin on 01908 261260

Forty years of development experience
Submitted by Tony Page on 020 8943 1690.

by RR Blake (Addison-Wesley 0-201-10165-3)
It provides an interesting framework both to the process and styles.
Submitted by Paul Holland, Watson Wyatt, 01737 241144

Innovation in Professional Education
by R Boyatzis, S Cover and D Kolb (Prentice Hall/Jossey Bass 1995 0787 900 32X)
How to design and evaluate a major MBA programme and change faculty perceptions - lessons for any developer.
Submitted by Alan Mumford on 020 8673 1537

The Learning from Complexity Pack
by A Battram (Local Government Management Board)
It provides a new set of lenses, tools and conceptual understandings on organisational and personal development in a stunningly original format.
Submitted by Gin Dunscombe of Lewisham Housing on 020 8695 6050 x4962

Overcoming Organizational Defenses
by C Argyris (0-2-5 12338 4)
Realistic insight into complexity of organisational development.
Submitted by Dr Joanna Bisdee, Life Directions on 020 8439 3806

Synchronicity - the Inner Path of Leadership
by J Jaworski (Berrett-Koehler 1-881052-94-X)
This is a book about the future that is unfolding for all of us and how we can help create it.
Submitted by Mike Turner on 01684 893380 (email:

Which World? Global Destinies, Regional Choices
by Allen Hammond (Earthscan 1-85383-582-X)
The three 21st century scenarios - Market World, Fortress World and Transformed World really help you FEEL what each would be like. The scenarios are followed through for each region of the world. Any managers seriously considering business strategy for the coming decade will find this highly accessible book invaluable. It is based on five years research carried out jointly by the World Resources Institute, the Brookings Institution and the Sante Fe Institute
Submitted by Colin Hutchinson

Living System – Making sense of sustainability (forewords by Anita Roddick and Meg Wheatley)

 by Bruce Nixon, from Management Books 2000, tel 01285-771441/2; e-mail:

a controversial and radical book about sustainability in the widest sense - climate change, the huge difficulties we face in the future if we don’t learn to manage the world’s resources better, and just as important, global social and economic justice and an end to violence. Bruce Nixon links these issues and demonstrates that we can deal with none of these problems in isolation. As we see in Africa and elsewhere, the poor are always the first to suffer.  

"Exciting, thought provoking, dynamic, irritating, inspiring, passionate and occasionally enraged, Bruce Nixon forces us to re-evaluate our lives. His philosophy, that of core sustainability, just might hold the key to greater happiness for us all." Kevin McCloud, journalist, television presenter and WWF ambassador.

Diary of a Change Agent
by T Page (Gower 0566 077795)
Getting to grips with transformational double loop learning.
Submitted by Tony Page, Page Consulting on 020 8943 1690.

Making a Difference
by Bruce Nixon
Well worth reading, just for the comprehensive set of basic tools for the management development consultant.
Submitted by David Shepherd, DSA 020 8503 3600

Management Development: strategies for action
by A Mumford (IPD 3rd edition 1997)
There really isn't a better book for this level!
Submitted by Alan Mumford, 020 8673 1537

Ready-Aim-Fire Problem Solving
by Geoff Cox (Oak Tree Press, ISBN 1-86076-172-0)
I have used models that are well researched and empirically sound to give the reader an insight into their own preferred style in approaching and solving problems, and provides helpful advice on how to work with others with different styles, and to build successful problem solving teams. This book is aimed at those in early to mid-career in development
Submitted by Geoff Cox,


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