e-O&P: Calls for Contributions

Spring/Summer edition 'AMED 2020 ... and Beyond? Transitioning through turbulent times' was released in July.

John Sweet co-edited with Bob MacKenzie the Autumn/Winter 2020 edition of e-O&P on the theme of ‘Fresh Horizons’, it was released in December.

e-O&P 2021

Spring/Summer 2021

The Spring/Summer 2021 edition of e-O&P, is guest-edited by Erica Piasecka and Fizza Hasan, coming together around the provisional theme of “Living with catastrophe”. They are approaching this from a younger generational perspective, and aim to foreground issues of diversity and feminism.  If you are interested in contributing, click on the following links.

Invitation to Contribute

Notes for Contributors

Autumn/Winter 2021

Tom Boydell and Mike Pedler will guest edit the Autumn/Winter 2021 edition of e-O&P, details tba.

Please look out for your invitation to contribute to our next edition.

Best wishes.

David McAra and Bob MacKenzie
e-O&P Editorial Board


O&P back issues

O&P back issues now for sale. 

We have a rich library of O&P issues and individual articles in electronic format going back to 1994, just waiting for you. Copy of order form for back issues of e-O&P in MS Word format.


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