Developing organisations: evolution & revolution - contents - e-O&P Winter 2011

Part 1: OD Practice

EDITORIAL: Developing organisations: evolution & revolution

Valerie Garrow and Sharon Varney

Valerie and Sharon believe OD remains pertinent and has a promising future.  While much is changing, and complexity is becoming more apparent, human nature remains essentially the same.


Working at the interface – pausing to talk

Mandy Bromley

Mandy considers why teams often get stuck working at internal interfaces and how techniques in sense making and dialogue can help them get unstuck.


Slow change in a dynamic world

Alison Nolan

Alison offers reflections from a learning practitioner in a global professional service firm in times of economic turbulence and merger.


Organisation Development in a complex world

Christine Lloyd

In this article, Christine summarises concepts of ‘complexity’ from a range of perspectives and, based on personal insights and practical experience, suggests some of the implications for OD practitioners in today’s fast changing world.


Part 2: OD Focus

Board blind spots: a method for exposing what boards can't see

Alison Carter

Alison describes a new diagnostic method for identifying issues hampering effective boardroom conversations which represents a shift away from asking board members questions to seeing and hearing them operate.


Working with organisational energy as a framework for organisational development

Bernd Vogel and Heike Bruch

Bernd and Heike introduce a concept they call organisational energy, the commodity that makes a difference when an organisation has mobilised the human potential of its people. They consider how it can be measured, mobilised and sustained.


Conflict: what do we make of it ... and what do we do about it?

John Burgoyne

John's article is about using the full spectrum from micro, intra-personal, psychological to cultural sociological and anthropological perspectives to both make sense of situations and choose how to act in them.


Part 3: OD Futures

‘Future of Work’ enquiry: developing organisations which focus on personal value

Sandra Dodgson, Nic Brocklebank, Deborah Wharton and Isabelle Beaumont

The authors are leading a ‘future of work’ enquiry which explores the potential of personal value transfer in engendering environments where individuals can be their extraordinary selves in the workplace.


Can organisations be ‘developed’?

Linda Holbeche

Linda argues that recent events have led to increased interest in developing organisations to improve workplace culture, practice and performance and to manage change. She makes the case for more democratic approaches to leadership and management and high involvement change approaches.


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