Working with humans: beings not resources - e-O&P Summer 2015

Our prevailing mental model for organisation – that we must appoint a manager to acquire and manipulate resources (including the human resources) to make something happen – has been effective, even if flawed. 

The consequences have been astonishing, both good and bad.  So it’s deeply embedded and hard to change, no matter how evident its shortcomings become. 

I think the concept of human resources encapsulates the problem.  So how about this for a working title?

Working with humans: beings not resources


Lessons of Management, a loving and respectful pastiche by Roger Niven

In poetic form, calls for a privileging of the human spirit over regimentation in organisational practice

Human Beings, not Human Resources, editorial of the Summer 2015 edition by David McAra

Argues for a greater weighting of organic rather than mechanistic approaches to organising

Mining the Past to Shape Future Development, a personal reflection by David Shepherd

Proposes a more thoughtful review process to enhance the learning of managers

Many are Working on this Challenge, discussions from LinkedIn and other sources, selected by David McAra

Highlights largely unrealised possibilities for connecting to transform organisational life

Introducing Improv, Listen!  Say 'Yes!' Commit!  a book review by Ron East and Lin Grist

Finds this book a useful practical resource that might be augmented with reference to initiatives beyond the UK

Kindred Culture, Design Attitude, a book review by David McAra

Extols the concept of 'design attitude' shared by the design and AMED communities, and calls for us to practise what we preach.

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Comment by David F McAra on October 16, 2015 at 15:06

Thanks, Christine.  So it's the ease with which you can click between different parts instead of scrolling through the pdf.  Perhaps we can build that into the pdf version as well.  It's a bit more effort to make web pages as well but that may be the way of the future.  Thanks again.  

Comment by Linda Williams on October 15, 2015 at 2:16

Thank you Christine! The Autumn edition of e-O&P 'It’s a Small Business World: Understanding and Promoting Small Business Growth in this Post-Election Era’ will be available soon.

Comment by Christine Tuson on October 14, 2015 at 15:10

I like this new format. What I like is being to see all the articles at once in the contents, and then being able to click on one, decide if I want to read it there and then or not. And as I read one, I can cross reference to another really easily. It's the nearest electronic thing to a hard copy I've seen, and without felling any trees. I'm a bit old fashioned - generally preferring books to e-readers, but this has all the convenience of the book format.
Sorry my comment doesn't include the intellectual content - but I take that as a given!

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