This section covers frequently asked questions on membership, subscription and payment details.


How do I contact AMED?

The main contact is Linda Williams our Membership Administrator.

Email is preferred amedoffice@amed.org.uk, or phone on 0300 365 1247.

Mail can be sent to

AMED, PO Box 7578, Dorchester, DT1 9GD 

Twitter accounts: AMEDnetwork

Joining AMED

Who can join AMED?  A defining feature of AMED is that we try to be as open as possible. Therefore anyone who is passionate about developing people and organisations, is welcome. If you want to share and learn, you’ll find support, encouragement and innovative communication channels. Discussions are constructive and a great source of learning.


What are the benefits of AMED membership?  We have put a list together of benefits for Community Members and for Full Members under another tab - Click here.


What are the eligibility criteria for membership?  AMED, unlike most professional bodies, is not about qualifications and assessment. Therefore we do not set eligibility criteria. At the same time, we aim to ensure that ours is a secure website, impervious to spamming and bogus registrations.  We are all about learning and sharing. Many of our members hold postgraduate qualifications, quite a few have a PhD. The quality of discussion and interaction is therefore quite high. So this is the perfect place to develop your own understanding with many willing hands to guide you while you are learning. Plus, for the more advanced, you’ll find hearty debate to stretch you and to challenge ideas.


How long does a membership last? Membership is annual, renewable on the 1st day of your anniversary month. For example, if you joined us in February your renewal would be due on 1st February of each subsequent year.


How do I apply for membership? Click here.


How do we use our charitable status?  Wherever possible, we seek to hire venues from other charities in order to provide them with financial support.  We also collaborate with other like-minded charities wherever we can, such as on occasional jointly-edited or guest-edited editions of our Journal e-Organisations and People.  And our f2f sessions are open to anyone, whether or not they are AMED Members (although we ask them to pay the full as opposed to the discounted rate).  

I used to be a member, how do I re-join?  Past members are encouraged to return. If you know your old membership number it makes it easier to find your record. Contact Linda our Membership Administrator.


Subscription rates

What are the subscription rates? New members pay £70 for the first year. Then annual membership costs just £70 when paying using Standing Order, PayPal or cheque. AMED Membership for Students /Researchers £20 during a course of study / research programme at a recognised UK university.


How are subscription rates set?  The Trustees draw up an annual budget, based on predicted levels of membership, aiming to cover operating costs and planned projects by subscription revenue. We make cost savings where possible and continue to seek to further increase membership benefits without increasing our subscription rates. Over several years now we have held the subscription rates unchanged.


Are there any reduced rates?

Non UK Rate: There is a reduced rate for members who are not based in the UK. Annual AMED Overseas Member subscription is £20.


How do I apply for a refund?  All claims for a refund must be made within 2 months of your membership subscription due date. Contact Linda our Membership Administrator amedoffice@amed.org.uk.

I am retired so am I entitled to receive the discount?  AMED no longer offers a reduced rate for over 65 years of age.

Payment Methods

How can I pay? We offer several alternatives.

  • Online: Clicking the button on our website takes you to Paypal where you can pay from your Paypal account, or by debit/ credit card. You do not need a paypal account to use this method.
  • Cheques: You can send in a cheque made payable to AMED. See our PO Box address above.
  • Standing Order: We prefer established members to use standing orders to make payment. A standing order form is enclosed in the welcome pack, or available from Linda.
  • By bank transfer: We accept payment by bank transfer. An email advising that you have done so would be appreciated.  (Bank details from Linda).


Can I pay by Direct Debit?  AMED does not use Direct Debits. We prefer standing orders and a standing order form is included in the membership welcome pack.


Can my employer pay my subscription fee?  Yes. Please ensure that they quote your name and membership number.


Can I pay my renewal subscription online? Clicking the Subscription button on our website takes you to Paypal where you can pay from your Paypal account, or by debit/ credit card. You do not need a paypal account to use this method.


Can I pay in a currency other than Sterling? We are a UK based organisation and all our accounting is carried out in pounds sterling. You may be able to pay us in sterling online through Paypal and be charged by them in your own currency. They may make additional charges.


I forgot to cancel my standing order – how do I get a refund? All claims for refunds must be made within 2 months of your membership subscription due date. Contact Linda our Membership Administrator.

How do I get a receipt for my payment? In an effort to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly we do not post out receipts to members. Ask for a receipt, and we can email you shortly after your payment has been processed.

Can I claim tax relief? AMED members who are employed and pay UK income tax may claim tax relief on their membership fees as expenses of their profession in the tax year in which these expenses are incurred. Please note you may not be eligible to claim tax relief if your subscription is paid by your employer.


Membership and designatory letters

When is my renewal due? Your renewal is due on the 1st day of your anniversary month. For example, if you joined us in February your renewal would be due on 1st February of each subsequent year. You will receive a renewal notice in the post to remind you that your membership is due.


Can I pay my subscription early? Once you have received your renewal notice, you can pay your subscription. Renewal notices are normally posted one month before your renewal is due. Unfortunately, we are unable to take payment for membership, prior to the renewal notice being generated.


Can I pay for more than one year’s membership in advance? The trustees have decided that to fund special projects, from time to time we will offer a limited number of 3 year subscriptions at a significant discount. Watch for news of these on our e-bulletins.


Do you offer life membership? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer life membership.


How do I check my renewal status? Once your renewal has been processed, an online receipt can be generated and emailed to you. Alternatively contact the Membership Administrator (Linda), email amedoffice@amed.org.uk or telephone 0300 365 1 247.


What are designatory letters? Designatory letters are letters that are displayed after your name to indicate your professional memberships. AMED does not use designatory letters; MAMED doesn’t sound right but FAMED might be fun!


Will I be able to get a certificate of membership? Certificates are not currently available. However, if there is sufficient interest this could change. Let us know.

Journal  (e-Organisations & People)


As a member do I receive a discount for any back issue journals? Full members can get an e-copy of back issue journals for a very small outlay. For more information, please visit the e-O&P section of the website. There are some real gems in the archives.


I only want the Journal.  Can I subscribe to that only?

  • For UK based individuals, a journal only subscription would be at the same rate as full membership. You do not need to take up the other benefits, except that to access your copy you will need to set up a profile on the website.
  • For non UK based individuals the reduced membership rate includes full access to the Journal.
  • We offer journal only subscriptions to universities, libraries and other organisations around the world. Please contact us direct to arrange a subscription.

I don’t want the journal. Can I have a discount off my membership subscription to the value of the journal?  We are unable to offer different combinations of membership products and services at different prices. Remember that the value of any particular benefit or combination of benefits for you could easily outweigh your current subscription rate. All members are entitled to the same full range of services and benefits. We cannot offer a reduction in price if you do not wish to take advantage of any particular aspect of your membership.

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