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This is the place to find resources about Humanistic Management.  It is a work in progress, but please contribute additions via the comments section.

von Kimakowitz, E., Pirson, M., Dierksmeier, C., Spitzeck, H., & Amann, W. (2011). Introducing this book and humanistic management. In Humanistic management in practice (pp. 1-12). Palgrave Macmillan, London.2010-Humanistic_management_in_practice.pdf

This resource is the opening chapter of an edited volume which introduces 19 case studies of organisations from around the world which "explore the principles of humanistic management".  The chapter has a useful explanation of what humanistic management is about.

Pirson M 2013 Towards a Humanistic Management Paradigm: a step back to embrace the future


Many scholars and practitioners would agree that current organizational research is in a paradigmatic crisis. The questions we are answering within the ‘normal science’ paradigm of economism resemble Kuhn’s puzzle solving approach but rarely yield important further insights paramount to answering urgent questions of the real world. Looking back at the roots of organizational research, the author proposes a more dedicated and concerted effort to developing an alternative, humanistic paradigm, which can set management research onto a path to higher theoretical accuracy and more practical relevance.

The Winter 2018 edition of e-O& P 

The Winter edition of AMED's journal e-O&P was co-edited by two HM UK Chapter steering group members, Dr Christina Schwabenland and Paul Harrison.  The link below will take you to the editorial page:

The Winter 2018 edition of eO and P

The Winter 2018 edition contains articles that discuss humanistic management in practice.

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