What books, articles, blogs or other writing do you recommend about coaching, particularly as it relates to organisational development?


What is useful, helpful, inspiring about it?

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I've just reviewed "Leadership Coaching", edited by Jonathan Passmore, published last month by Kogan Page, as the latest in the Association for Coaching series of coaching texts.

Its 312 pages contain sixteen chapters by leading coaches and leadership thinkers from the UK and around the world including Marshall Goldsmith and systems thinking guru Barry Oshry. There is a useful chapter on coaching political leaders, both elected and in public service roles.

My favourite chapters are Ho Law on Sun Tzu's classic "The Art Of War" and Judith Okonkwo on using myths and stories, with its African perspectives, especially 'Ubuntu' 'I am because we are', which is a nice counterpoint to Descarte, 'I am because I think'. This concept of deep communalism is helpful in a society that feels divided and superficial. Her description of 'Orikis' or personal praise poems is something I hope many coaches will try with their clients.

Each chapter gives an outline of the research and theory underpinning the model and a case study how the learning has been applied.

It is very up-to-date, wide-ranging and should be valuable to coaches who wish to have new tools and ideas to work with.

Jonathan Wilson
Thanks Jonathan, I'll order it forthwith.



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