What can we learn from each other about how to adapt our own practise to the post-crisis world?

What are we actually going to DO differently this year? Practitioners at the leading edge of our field have successfully used a wide range of practical new approaches(see March e-O&P  for details).  Is a re-newed emphasis on learning, teamwork and trust a common theme for 2010?


Should we give our clients ‘what they don’t know they can have’ rather than what they say they want’ as Chris Rodgers says in his editorial for March 2010 e-O&P? Or perhaps we should learn how to ‘get onto the balcony’ as Irwin Turbitt tells us in his thought-provoking article on the ‘real’ art of leadership? Ralph Stacey suggests we should see organisations as ‘games we are pre-occupied in’ (see extended review of  his new book, “Complexity and Organisational Reality”). Whether you agree or disagree can you afford to ignore what these influential thought-leaders in our field are are saying?


For me personally all of this inexorably leads to the question of organisational diagnosis – and it is in this area that we may need to brush up our skills (see CIPD latest outputs on OD for what our internal consultant/HR competitors are up to  http://www.cipd.co.uk/subjects/corpstrtgy/orgdevelmt/_hr_role_devel...).


What do you think? Please join the debate by sharing your ideas HERE about how we might adapt to the changed zeitgeist.

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