Welcome to our experimental edition of e-O&P for Autumn 2014

Let's see how it turns out!!!  

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Two monologues don’t make a dialogue

(Link to pdf.)

Chris Blantern and Tom Boydell

Shows four short video clips of our two Guest Editors in conversation


“Aren’t we all rats really?”

(Link to pdf.)

Chris Blantern 

Urges us, in the first of a two-part polemic (or will it be three part?), to adopt a radical and critical Stance 3 in our efforts to transcend boundaries


Tom’s boundary crossword

(Link to pdf.)

Tom Boydell

Raises awareness about aspects and terminologies of boundary-crossing through playful, multi-media puzzling


Our virtual gathering: a ‘transcript’
(Link to pdf.)

The Gatherers

Attempts to convey the essential messiness and issues emerging from our first virtual Gathering on boundary-crossing


Working across organisational boundaries
(Link to pdf.)

Rowena Davis 

Illustrates a Systems Centred approach to helping social care managers share more widely the highlights of an extended  support and challenge project


The sweet bitter of ‘No’
(Link to pdf.)

Louie Gardiner

Reflects on the outcome of the recent Scottish Referendum, and wonders about its cross-border implications


A Narrow Escape
(Link to pdf.)

Peter Sheal

Argues that the 'No' vote in the Scottish Referendum represents a narrow escape from cross-border turmoil


Working across boundaries

(Link to pdf.)

David McAra 

Reviews several online conversations about re-thinking ways of organising, and is left with a sense of disappointment at the absence of active listening and open inquiry


Some forthcoming events

e-O&P, Vol 21, No 4, Winter 2014 (November/December)

Discuss with guest editors: Pauline Willis and Anna Britnor

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Looking forward to this going live, David :)

Well done!  Bob

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