We've heard that stress is rife in the workplace, but what can we do to combat it?

It's an issue that everyone is talking about, but nobody is tackling.  The cost of stress-related sickness for UK businesses is very much back in the news at the moment. As part of the International Conflict Management Forum's research agenda, Jackie Keddy and Clive Johnson have been keen to explore how different organisations feel they can contribute to this important issue. 

They recently conducted a survey and the results have just been published, together with an a... considering  the implications of the findings. The survey shows that more than a third of organisations see tackling stress-related sickness as being a  major issue and half of respondents see that it at least warrants attention, but organisations differ in how they respond to this very uncomfortable challenge.

The ICMF is the UK's leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sharing organisational learning in the field of conflict management.

Wednesday 2nd November is National Stress Awareness Day.

The above details and documents were sent to AMED and might be of interest to you.


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If we treat stress as individual pain we may not resolve problems the workplace contributes. To understand how stress feeds and breeds, we must study the contribution as much as the individual. Stress has an agenda, self bred or impossed. This is were we begin. Get on board, get stressed! By experiencing the problem, the exit might appear less combative.

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