The Scottish Independence Referendum: Coping with Change

The Scottish Referendum offers what many people see as a once in a lifetime opportunity to radically change the political, social and economic landscape of Scotland.

What are your views on this potentially momentous change?  

  1. Do you see changes more as opportunities or as threats? How does this affect your response to the Scottish Referendum?
  2. Has your attitude towards change changed as you’ve got older?
  3. Do you see nationalism as a largely positive or largely negative force?
  4. Change and disruption often provide a catalyst for learning.  What opportunities would be generated by Scottish independence and the break-up of the Union? 
  5. If Scotland becomes independent, what new knowledge and skills would we need to learn? 
  6. If the outcome is not full independence, what benefits do you think might have accrued from the referendum nonetheless?
  7. Any other comments you’d care to offer? 

It would be helpful to know if you are Scottish or not and whether you live in Scotland or not.  

You may prefer to download the questions as a word document.  

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As a non Scot (certainly at least 1 generation removed) ex-Londoner living in Dorset...

Q2 Prompts a response.

I think I've long taken an approach to change built on a close examination of the problem or issue that is generating the need for change. What and where are the pressures? Because if these are not addressed then the change process might never reach a satisfactory outcome. Quite an analytical take.

Although in more recent times this has evolved into trying to learn more about how the various actors model their situations in order to help them build new or revised models in the light of change.  A much more pluralistic take, perhaps brought on by personal aging or by following the developments (by others) in neuroscience!

In the context of the independence debate - I'm not sure that I can see (from the perspective of the Yes campaign) their underlying motivation/s for change. The solution they seek is clear enough - but will that really bring the hoped for outcomes?

I thought I was British! Not sure I want to be only English!

I'm surprised that I have not seen many responses this discussion from members of AMED. Perhaps the issue of Scottish Independence was regarded as a forgone conclusion of there being a 'No' vote. It now seems that the result will be very close!

I sense that the focus after the result is announced will be on greater devolution from Westminster to people in various regions eg London, Wales, The West Country and to some of the English conurbations. This oulw be quite different in effect from the current process of creeping devolution.

At the moment the Tory/Liberal Coalition seems bound on devolving to 'Big Business' (eg through Big Privatisations). Perhaps a more diverse range of  ownership and subsequently management would be better?

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