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Linda's notes from our first planning meeting,  

Exploring Frontiers 2013 - Planning meeting.doc

... and our first flip chart.  

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Dear David,

Thanks for this, my own notes are sketchy so this is a good capture of some of the discussion points.

I like the" "AMED ownership" for AMED members by AMED: so very much providing space and time for engagement on issues and opportunities that people/members may bring into the room.

So I guess this will set the usual challenge of fielding sufficient input from interesting speakers / facilitators, on topics that are known to be current and perhaps not well catered for in other forums to bring people in;  yet leave sufficient space to ground such discussions in the room(s) and create and follow new threads? Webinars and other pre-event discussions / forums might be integrated so there is a package over time rather than just 'one event'?

Price will also be a tricky issue, especially for those who have to travel and or find accommodation. My sense is that many of the people who might gain most from such an event may also be some of the most financially challenged in the current market.?

Thanks again for posting this.

best wishes


Thanks, Roger.  Great summary of the task in hand!  David

I've found a few minutes to think... before our conference call in the morning.

We bounced ideas around to replace the word 'Conference'. Suppose we try this....

" Exploring Frontiers 2013"


Following our conference call on Tuesday 9th October we decided to hold an 'Action Planning' meeting on 28th November at Roots & Shoots, London. An event will be created for this meeting when the room booking is confirmed.

Here is the link to the 'Action Planning' Meeting event on 28th November, 1.30pm-4.30pm at Roots & Shoots:

Thank you to everyone who has responded.

Not long now until the next planning meeting - so here are some thoughts about how 'Exploring Frontiers' might run.

Let's avoid 'experts' with powerpoint. I'm thinking we need a (small) number of 'hosts'/ 'co-hosts' to facilitate small groups to explore pre-published* themes (plus at least one totally open space). Perhaps we can call for 'hosts' to identify a theme they'd like to work with - which we can then put in the publicity material (hence pre-published*). Note 'host' = neither expert nor guide - but one (or two together) willing to facilitate the discussion.

Again - as a flexible structure, and given the event title - perhaps there are 3 prompting questions for each group: Where are we with this?, What are the goals we seek? What are the possible routes to reach these?

What do you think?


A few thoughts from my remote listening post, before I go. . . responses only to what happened before 2.30pm:

Liking idea of 'conference' as a pause point in the conferencing process.  Needs social media/webby etc conversations to be convened and maintained on the way. . . includes discussion and twitter use. . . so who/how and why - but if AMED is as AMED does then anybody can convene conversations and that would be part of the open spaceness of it.

Linking with idea of Unconference. . . there's quite a large one convening in the US now for, I think, Feb 2013. . . might be a kind of format to borrow from: although they are now massive and do also have speakers and probably more formal than would suit (

Idea of what's needed for our times and using our networks to tap into wide range of doers and thinkers on this for organisations. . . for example I have had occasion to come across discussions on learning for organisations that have their home base in the topic of social media and (children's) education. . . these could be encompassed through the online forms. . .

. . . and in Coaching Psychology they hooked up with fellow types of organisations in different countries and have held one-day events under the same banner. .. and it took a LOT of doing of things so may be ambitious. I'm mindful that authors for the eO&P I edited included those from USA and indeed from Scotland and so travel could be an issue.

At the same time, if the topics are (or become) compelling, then folk would want to meet but may well need the diary date early.

Thanks Julie for your contribution on Wednesday, we had a very productive meeting. We will shortly open up the discussion to everyone by asking a question that will help to highlight themes for the Exploring Frontiers 2013 event.

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