Private Passions of the 18 December 2020 AMED Writers' Group

This space continues conversations arising from the AMED Writers' Group 'Private Passions' session of 18 December 2020.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions and suggestions here.

Best wishes for everyone's 2021 Writing Year.  Bob

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I thoroughly enjoyed the Private Passions session of AWG and I want to thank Bob, AMED and everyone present at the event.

In my little grouping, time seemed to pass so quickly but we had some lovely discussions, shared some stimulating and amusing readings, and had a jolly good laugh! I do not doubt that other groupings had similar experiences and with this in mind, and being greedy, I would love to read some other contributions if people are willing to share.

It was only after the event that I really began to reflect on all the writing I had done this year - and joyfully, I see that my output has increased, which was something I had hoped to do in 2020.

As this was my idea, it seems only fair that I begin and share the two pieces I had prepared. The first Lego Wars is a piece I had written for what I had previously considered was a too worthy and slightly boring newsletter produced for the people who live in the village. In the beginning, I had nothing to contribute, however, as time and the lockdown went on, I decided that I could use it to practice short-form writing which could also act as a vehicle for the many photographs I had started to take around the village:  Lego Wars

The second is an extract from an article written by the biologist Robert Wallace in his collection called Big Farms Make Big 'Flu. Although written in 2016 about bird flu H5N1 and exploring the reasons for the emergence of that virus, it was easy to make the connection to Coronavirus. It turns out that instead of it being the "China Virus", much bellowed from the White House, Coronavirus is everyone's virus and an unintended, unlooked-for, and unwelcome consequence of corporate practice and globalisation.

Extract from Wallace 2016 The Political Virology of Offshore Farming.

My word of the year is Mute/Unmute, as in "you're on mute", usually accompanied by frantic hand gestures and followed by "can you hear me now?".  This is associated with remote working and conferencing and the new discipline required by this form of meeting.  If participants do not avail themselves of the Mute/Unmute function an unholy cacophony ensues - I speak with personal experience.  The OED defines it in the Unmute variant:  "to turn on (a microphone or the audio on an electronic device", especially after having temporarily turned it off".

I want to thank my interlocutors, Nick Yapp and Claire Pierce - and good wishes to all!

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