Presence on the web - do you have a website, are you thinking of getting one?

Those of us who stayed on after the AMED AGM yesterday discussed websites and making the most of your on-line presence.

We agreed that it might be a good idea to swap experiences and ideas about getting your own website, getting feedback on our existing websites, our experience of blogging and twitter, our top tips for joining in with on-line discussions and so on.

So here's a thread to continue this discussion...



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Hi Penny,

I recently created my first web site, and as I did not want to spend thousands on commissioning a web design company, and didn't have time to learn all about html and web design, I looked around for a way to do it myself. After discussing my needs with Business Link, who gave me a list of companies to contact, I found a company called Mr Site, which offers a 'Takeaway Web site'. It sounds impossible, but I created a basic site within a day, published it on 4 July 2010, and have since been working on it to gradually improve it. I bought the Pro version, which has a bundle of tools to help you optimise your search terms, meta tags etc, and after a few frustrating moments, largely due to my ignorance of how web publishing works, I am delighted with the result. I am still regualarly updating it when I have the time. If you want to take a look please go to It's probably not the best advert for Mr Site products, but you can find more example by going to their site.
Kind regards
Just heard about this great competition - win an editable website worth over £1k and two years support. This is from the team who publish 'the environmentalist' magazine and also published my book - a great bunch!

See here


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