How to transition from technical training into learning and development

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I have been in different technical roles in the past and now ended up teaching technical subjects to resellers of the company I am with.  I am in the middle of a career reflection and believe it is time for me to "abandon" my technical subjects in favour of something less dry and more inspiring.  Can anyone share experiences/ideas/comments on how this could be accomplished?  For example, I have a Masters in Management of Information Systems but nothing specific about learning and development.  Any courses you might suggest? Certifications? Job experiences?

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Hi, Paolo.  Great idea.  Tricky question.  My transition was facilitated by the Engineering Industry Training Board which sadly no longer exists.  It isn't easy to find learning that fits.  On the bright side, there is a lot available, much of it online and free, e.g. at  High quality material too.  

But I think you probably need a face to face rather than a virtual community.  I have enjoyed the Open University too, although I believe the tutorials and weekend workshops are not such a big part of their programmes any more.  

Did you ever have trainer training?  Or did you just puzzle it out for yourself and get by with your technical knowledge?  Not a bad place to start.  

There are many exponents of coaching and of facilitation in this network.  Sadly, our fora don't attract a lot of traffic but if you took your enquiry to individuals or to their networks, you might find more response.  

I like the sound of an emerging business school called the Grove.  Lancaster University has a well-respected school of management learning.  There are some lovely articles on the web site of the Centre for Progressive Leadership.  

Just a few random thoughts.  I'm excited for you.  Good luck!  


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