Farming not hunting and 'researching' for business

Thanks all for a stimulating session last Wedn. I went and put some of the ideas into practice at a network party held at The Temple grounds, Embankment (C17 calm!) by the 'Co-minded group', a collective of entrepreneurs based round new digital apps

Here is the (bit bloated) Thought Leadership work I presented at Greenwich University on Friday to their research group. It was really business peddling on my part and maybe invaded their academic comfort. I had almost an hour so explained briefly key ideas -the slides are broadly not self-explanatory. I emphasised the 'commitment is going down' context and need for Managemnt 2.0. The key 'solution-ideas are slides 10 and 11 and, given the trust-depleted history of that sector are (necessarily)provocative. They challenge orthodoxies eg 'professional' (inward looking, defensive, learned helplessness) 'manager' (a history of doing anything but generating commitment) and 'learning' (orgs can provide learning but are poor learners, collectively, themselves) These terms need a Black + Dekker applied to them. Sacred cows... make the best hamburgers.
Session went ok and I got leads from attending college VPs.
Feel free to word about with this. On reflection, feels a bit clumsy and I've probably cluttered the key insights- my work seemed at odds with some 'research' presented there, which wdn't dislodge a flea. 'Business improvement'... didn't quite fit. Any thoughts welcome. Donal Carroll/CD

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I'm struggling to see where you are going with this - but offer a thought. How you respond to the thought will let me know if we are singing the same song, or I'm out of tune.

It seems to me that Teachers and Managers share the task of ensuring that the environment is as conducive to learning as is possible / practical. For teachers, within the constraints of syllabus, time, safety etc, this means encouraging learners and pointing them in the intended direction toward an agreed goal. For managers, within the constraints of the business model, it is about agreeing goals and providing space for engaged workers to find solutions. So both have to let go of the levels of control they traditionally hold.

Are we in tune?


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