... which take a practical, anecdotal or case-based perspective, rather than theoretical approach?   I have been working with a client team recently who would like to read more.  They say:

"...is there any reader-friendly literature that you’d recommend on this topic? Ideally I’d like practical insights and case studies about why/how organisations changed rather than academic theory."

I have recommended three books:

- Diary of a Change Agent, Tony Page 

- Edgar Schein's Organisational Culture and Leadership

Leadership for Sustainability (Marshall et al)

Your additional suggestions would be very welcome!



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Sounds great!  Thanks for sharing your recommendation here.

Sue Howard said:

Thanks for your question Penny.  Initially, it's got what you asked for - lots of practical examples.  On further reflection it's not so much about organisational change, as organisations which are changed by really valuing people holistically.  I think organisational change can be very soul destroying - this book is about creating soul-friendly workplaces and throws a curve ball into the traditional academic theoretical mix.  Not to everyone's taste no doubt, but important to consider.  Also I know Georgeanne and value what she does.  

Penny Walker said:

Thanks Sue.  What do you like so much about this book?

Sue Howard said:

Spirited Business by Georgeanne Lamont

This might be long past time to be useful, but I just bumped into this conversation strand.

The Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource on Today's Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems (2nd Edition), Peggy Holman, Tom Devane & Steven Cady (Eds). 2007. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. 


Because it describes in the most practical terms over 60 methods for change. There is a 'Quick Summary' section where each method has just one page to describe the method and how/why it may be used, including a brief example of a real life situation where the method was used. There are bits about mixing and matching methods and how to select them. All the detailed sections start with an example of the method's use in a real change setting. A great resource to dip in and out of and written in plain language without loads of academic theory.

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