Forthcoming e-O&P 2020 edition

Transitioning through turbulent times

Your invitation to contribute to our next edition is here:

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Having reviewed our priorities and resources, we’ve decided to put all our energies into producing Spring/Summer 2020 e-O&P as a special edition, celebrating some 35 years of AMED's existence.  In line with our AMED2020 project, our theme will be ‘Re-imagining AMED: 2020 and beyond’.
We hope you may be interested in contributing to this exploration in writing and online of whether or not AMED continues to have a contribution to make in this turbulent world.

Watch this space for more details.

Best wishes

David McAra and Bob MacKenzie
e-O&P Editorial Board

Creative Collaborations

This Autumn 2019 edition of e-O&P is devoted to exploring the theme of ‘Creative Collaborations’, as a contribution towards increasing, deepening and broadening our understanding of this practice.

Writing from the University of Chichester Business School

OD Matters!

A special edition in celebration of 20 years of ODiN, the OD Innovation Network


AMED 2020: What do you see?  

Our Autumn/Winter edition is emerging on the website and launches an Appreciative
Inquiry into the future of AMED which will unfold over the next 3 years, in the journal and in live events. 



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AMED is the UK professional network for people in individual and organisational development.


A message of support and solidarity from the AMED2020 Hosting Team

We are still here

In these times of turbulent transition, we want to reassure all of us that we’re still very much open for business, if not ‘as usual’. We’d like to express our solidarity with everyone, and do all that we can to support and sustain each other in spirit of community and critical friendship. Above all, we wish you well.

Our events continue

Our scheduled programme of events will continue as planned, now virtually, and we’re looking forward to connecting with our networks in this way. As well as addressing the threats and challenges presented by the climate emergency and COVID-19, we remain open to the possibilities and opportunities that arise for doing things differently – and better. We welcome all feedback, suggestions and offers about how we might do this.


Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything within our powers that we can do to help AMED and the wider community. Our Virtual Office remains open, and Linda will make sure that your message is well received and addressed by whichever of us is most appropriate. Our contact details are:
W:; ; T: 0300 365 1247;   E:

Members Offers

If any members and networkers would like to share any offers of support directly, please feel free to post them on our Members Offers page.  

With very best wishes
The AMED2020 Hosting Team

Image: Earthrise as seen from Moon Orbit. Apollo 8, December 24, 1968. Photo: NASA

AMED is the Association for Management Education and Development.

We are a long-established membership organisation and educational charity devoted to developing and supporting people and organisations. As an outpost of independence, we serve as a forum for people who want to share, learn and experiment, and find support, encouragement, and innovative ways of communicating.

We collaborate with like-minded individuals and networks.


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