Important Considerations in Choosing the Best Mattress for Heavy People

Even in the best of situations, buying a mattress can be a pretty daunting task and it becomes even tougher when you have a very heavy body. This is because there are different demands that the mattress has to cater to and mattresses that may very well be ideal for persons with less body weight may not be able to be up to the task of supporting a heavier body. Given the bewildering choice and the pushy salespersons, it can be quite easy to make an expensive mistake. Here are some factors to consider when you plan to buy a mattress for a heavy person:

Mattress Thickness

While a 10” mattress is suitable for those who are less than 200 pounds, you should only choose a mattress that’s at least 12” if you are heavier. Though you can easily find models up to 20”, it is not necessary that the thicker the mattress the better it will be after a point. The reason why you need a thick mattress is that the thinner ones will not be able to properly support the heavier weight. The construction of the mattress is also an important factor in its ability to bear more weight. Typically, thick basic foam bases covered by multiple layers of different densities allow superior support. You can refer to the loom and leaf vs.tempurpedic comparisons to know more about mattress construction materials.

Mattress Firmness

The degree of firmness required of a mattress really depends on the type of the sleeper. It is a common mistake to think that heavier people will be better off with a firmer mattress. However, mattresses that are too firm fail to offer the required support and lead to the creation of pressure points that may result in back and body pain. Typically, mattresses that are medium firm are the best because they tend to be more comfortable while lending the desired support. These mattresses comprise multiple layers of materials of varying densities with a soft layer on the surface that delivers the required comfort while the denser layers beneath act to offer the necessary support.

Robust Edge Support

Mattresses are not only used for sleeping, almost everyone sits on the mattress before getting off. It is very important that the mattress has edges that are very strong and stable; otherwise, they will sag when a heavy person sits and in course of time, the mattress will also become damaged. Having a firm edge also means that there is less chance of a heavy person falling off the edge. Usually, innerspring mattresses deliver better edge support in comparison to memory foam. Modern technology, however, has made it possible for hybrid models to deliver the best combination of support and comfort.


Mattresses for heavy sleepers, in general, need to be more robust so that the wear and tear caused by the heavy body is less. Heavy sleepers need more ventilation, so you should try and get a model that does not have a hot surface.

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