How Printing make ID Cards secured?

Security is one of the significant concerns of almost every part of society which everyone needs to be taken sincerely. With the changing technologies; the aspects of organizational security also have been changed up to a great extent.

Different sources have been patched up to offer great security to any organizational architecture; where media features, printer capability, database verification, and special security are one of the most important terms which play a very important role in enhancing the safety of your workplace. When it comes to the ID cards media features indulged here include surface quality, durability, and built-in security elements.

With the advancing world; different technologies and card software have been developed for designing your security cards and adding various advanced features into them. ID cards with extremely high-resolution graphics along with reliable barcodes plus covert features and printed lanyards help in enhancing the security of workplace. The ID cards serve as one of the best security concern which includes personal statistics, employee number, date, time and place of the issue along with the photo of the ID card holder. Printing makes the ID cards more secure, and the entire concept can be well elaborated by the proofs given below:

High-Quality Cards

One of the most important things we need to be careful about is the card itself. It needs to be tough so that can be easily used for longer duration. These ID cards are usually custom design along with proper media information due to two main reasons:

  • One is to add multiple security features enhancing the security of your workplace
  • And secondly; it helps the security guards in quickly and easily validating unique features which are one of the main parts of organization’s security force.

While working on creating high-quality cards; you need to keep the following things in mind:


Durability is one of the important concerns of the process of creation of ID cards. The ID cards of the employees should well meet all the international standards for making it perfect resistance for cracking. It should include permanent adhesion of overlaminate. Also, the durability of the image should also need to be impressive so that can be easily used for a longer run. These ID cards can usually be placed with a lanyard so that to be carried easily. The regular PVC card slot in lanyard is often fragile which if tears; can be easily accessed by unauthorized users.

Benefits of laminates

It is essential to take special care about the durability of your ID card. If you are willing to do so, you can easily make use of higher capability printers features along with fully integrated hot roll laminating stations which can easily help in laminating patch material with or without holograms. A well-laminated ID card makes it quite durable and easy to be used for more than seven years. Such durable laminations are used in abrasion intensive applications. The printers which are usually used for printing cards are generally of two type’s depending upon the volume and speed of printing. These printers are used for laminating one side or both the sides of your ID card at once.

Features of modern printers

The advancing world has provided us one of the best modern printers which have made the concept of printing and enhancing the security of ID cards a very easy to go on. We are here letting you introduce with some of the fantastic qualities of modern printers which makes them better one to opt for:

  • Holographic imaging: The modern printers produce holographic imaging which makes your ID card perfectly secured from counterfeiting, alteration or duplication. It perfectly places multiple security images or holograms on your ID card which offers a vibrant look to your ID card.
  • Micro-Printing: While working on the creation of ID cards you can opt for microprinting which helps easily enjoying random font changes and confection of misspellings if desired.
  • Over laminate films: It is one of the best methods of enhancing the security of your ID card.

Using printed ID cards along with printed lanyards make your workplace more secure. It not only helps in easy identification of the ID card holder but also makes it durable one which you can easily use for a longer time period. Modern printers are a piece of art which enhances our working experience much more.

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